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Stop of coolant dripping!




  • The universal nozzle has a built-in check valve. Immediately when the coolant pump is stopped, dripping of coolant from the nozzle is suspended. This means a substantial reduction of time in mounting or dismounting the workpiece.
  • imagesShould the nozzle be clogged with chips, you can disassemble and clean it from the nozzle side.
  • You can manually move the nozzle freely 80 degrees in all directions.
  • You can maintain a clean working environment since coolant does not splash around.
  • This is especially effective when used as a ceiling shower coolant nozzle for the machining center.
  • A type of nozzle with branch is available, whose nozzle end is long for correctly injecting coolant to the work machining spot.


UN - 02 - 6-1OL
num num num
num Model
UN : Universal nozzle
UNC : Universal nozzle for Cartridge
num Screw diameter 02 : R1/4 (Universal nozzle)
18 : M18 x 1.5 (Universal nozzle for Cartridge)
num Model No. * Universal nozzle
6Nozzle diameter d : 6mm
6-M1M18 x 1.5

Universal nozzle for Cartridge
6-10L Nozzle diameter : 4mm
Nozzle length 10mm
6-10L-M1 Nozzle diameter : 4mm
Nozzle length 10mm

* For a nozzle of 6mm or more in diameter, please contact us.


Type UN-02-6 UNC-18-※-M1
Installation screw R1/4 M18 x 1.5
Installation section sealing method Taper screw type Copper packing type
Nozzle diameter (d) 6mm 4mm、6mm
Nozzle swivel angle (α) ±40℃
Weight 150g 60g
Location When you want to install the ceiling shower coolant nozzle or install the nozzle at unlimited installations place, the general type is most suited. This is a cartridge type nozzle where dimensions protruding from the spindle flange installation surface are kept to a minimum(17.5mm).
Maximum pressure used 7MPa
Proof pressure 11MPa
Cracking pressure 0.01MPa
Liquid contact section Main materials C3604 (chrome plated)
Check valve material SUS630 SUS303
Packing Material - C1100
Packing size (OD x ID x thickness) - 18 x 22 x 2

Drawing data download

Product nameType No.Download
Universal nozzle R1/4UN-02-6PDF
Universal nozzle R1/4UN-02-6-10LPDF
Cartridge type universal nozzleUNC-18-6-M1PDF
Cartridge type universal nozzleUNC-18-6-M1-10LPDF

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