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Save pipe space and joint costs!




  • This valve can be directly built into the joint and manifold.
  • You can mount this valve into the installation holes of the same dimensions in either direction.
  • The valve is equipped with a slow return function.(with choke)


ACC - 05 - 11 - C
num num num num num
num Model Miniature sized cartridge type in-line check valve
num Cracking pressure 05 : 0.05MPa
num Model number 11 : Standard specification
num Choke hole Unmarked : none
C : with Choke hole
num Choke hole size
C1 : Numerals indicate choke dimensions (mm).
The choke hole is available in the range from 0.5mm to 1.5mm.


Maximum pressure used30MPa
Proof pressure38MPa
Applicable fluidGeneral petroleum based hydraulic oil

Data sheet Flow rate/pressure drop characteristics

Data Sheet

Caution of use

  • In the case of the type without choke hole, coat the outer diameter mounting screw (M12 x 1) with sealant to prevent oil leak through the threads.
  • Caution: if the unit is installed with the outer diameter screw coated with sealant, it is impossible to detach the ACC unit.

Drawing data download

Product nameType No.Download
Cartridge in-line check valve with choke holeACC-05-11-C※PDF
Cartridge in-line check valveACC-05-11PDF
In-line check valve with choke holeAIC-※-※-11-C※PDF
In-line check valveAIC-※-※-11PDF
Throttle check valve R1/8ATC-01SPDF
Throttle check valve R1/4ATC-02SPDF
Throttle check valve R3/8ATC-03SPDF

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