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One valve performs the functions of two valves!




  • Set th handle wheel in "close" position after completion of pressure measurement in the circuit. Then the pointer of the pressure gauge goes back to "0" (zero).
  • The drain port also serves as a circuit air vent port, thereby ensuring accurate measurement.
  • The pointer of the pressure gauge is normally located at "0" (zero) position. This keeps the pressure gauge accurate for a long time, and ensures improved durability.
  • The shaft is designed in a needle valve structure to prevent fluid leakage when fully closed. The shaft is made of SUS material which is compatible with water and oil.


Maximum pressure used 35MPa
Proof pressure 63MPa
Recommended screw retightening torque 25N・m (Screw diameter : Rc1/4)

Type table

Type Screw diameter Applicable fluid Weight
CA-200N Rc1/4 General petroleum based hydraulic oil 530g
F-CA-200N Phosphate hydraulic oil


Two needle vales symmetrically facing each other.
with the knob turned to the right position, for measuring circuit pressure
with the knob in the middle position, for circuit air purge
with the knob turned to the left position, for circuit port shut-off
Both ordinary gauge valve function and circuit air purge valve function can be provided by a single valve. This valve is suitable especially for piping of water and air.

How to connect

  • The residual pressure of the pressure gauge goes back to the drain.
  • The product performs double functions; functions of a valve to purge air from the pipe and those of a gauge valve.

Drawing data download

Product nameType No.Download
Gauge valveSAN-100-2,3PDF
Gauge valve (Stainless steel type)SAN-100-5,6PDF
Panel-mounted gauge valveSAN-100N-2,3PDF
Gauge valve with damperSAN-200N-2,3,4PDF
Gauge valve with damper (Stainless steel type)SAN-200N-5,6PDF
Gauge valve with damperSAN-300N-3,4PDF
Gauge valve with damper (Stainless steel type)SAN-300N-6PDF
Panel-mounted gauge valveVA-100-2,3PDF
Panel-mounted gauge valveVA-100NPDF
Panel-mounted gauge valveVA-100TA-2,3PDF
Push type gauge valve with drainPA-200NPDF
Needle gauge valve with drainCA-200NPDF
Needle gauge valve with drain (Stainless steel type)CA-200N-5PDF

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