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Pressure switch damper Absorbs hydraulic pressure pulsation!




  • The damper mounted on the mounting screw of the pressure switch absorbs hydraulic pressure pulsation and chattering of the contact.
  • Remarkably improves the durability of the pressure switch.


Maximum pressure used 35MPa
Proof pressure 63MPa
Material C3604

Type table

Type R・D Retightening torque Applicable fluid Weight
PSD-2 R1/4 25N・m 14 General petroleum based hydraulic oil 230g
PSD-3 R3/8 45N・m 16
F-PSD-2 R1/4 25N・m 14 Phosphate hydraulic oil
F-PSD-3 R3/8 45N・m 16
W-PSD-2 R1/4 25N・m 14 Water and glycol based hydraulic oil,
W-PSD-3 R3/8 45N・m 16

Damper effect test


Drawing data download

Product nameType No.Download
Joint for pressure gaugeAJ-102,103,302,303PDF
Joint for pressure gauge (Stainless steel type)AJ-105,106,305,306PDF
Low pressure damperSA-100-2,3PDF
Low pressure damper (Stainless steel type)SA-100-5,6PDF
High pressure damperSAH-100-2,3PDF
High pressure damper (Stainless steel type)SAH-100-5,6PDF
Glycerin pressure gauge damperSAD-2,3TPDF
Glycerin pressure gauge damper (Stainless steel type)SAD-5T,6TPDF
Damper for pressure switchPSD-2,3PDF
Damper for pressure switch (Stainless steel type)PSD-5,6PDF

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