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Prevent pulsating pressure of your pressure gauge!

Example of use



  • The SA-100 is a fixed throttle valve. Use it at the position where you want to measure the pressure.
  • You can also use it for synthetic hydraulic oil, water based hydraulic oil and brake oil.


Maximum pressure used 10MPa
Proof pressure 18MPa
Material C3604
Applicable fluid Oil, water, air

Type table

Type G・D ℓ1 ℓ2 L Hex Recommended retightening torque Packing material Packing size
(OD x ID x thickness)
SA-100-2 G1/4 14 16 42 19 40N・m C1100 11x5.5x3 60g
SA-100-3 G3/8 16 18 45 24 50N・m 14.5x5.5x3 100g

Damper effect test


Drawing data download

Product nameType No.Download
Joint for pressure gaugeAJ-102,103,302,303PDF
Joint for pressure gauge (Stainless steel type)AJ-105,106,305,306PDF
Low pressure damperSA-100-2,3PDF
Low pressure damper (Stainless steel type)SA-100-5,6PDF
High pressure damperSAH-100-2,3PDF
High pressure damper (Stainless steel type)SAH-100-5,6PDF
Glycerin pressure gauge damperSAD-2,3TPDF
Glycerin pressure gauge damper (Stainless steel type)SAD-5T,6TPDF
Damper for pressure switchPSD-2,3PDF
Damper for pressure switch (Stainless steel type)PSD-5,6PDF

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