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Characterized flexibility and high pressure use!


* Use this hose in place of steel pipe.



  • This is a small diameter nylon hose used in high pressure conditions.
  • This hose eliminates the need of bending work by the vendor. It means a substantial reduction of your time in complicated or long piping.


NH2 - R2 - 1.0 - G2 -   
num num num num num
num Type of hose NH2 : OD ø5 x ID ø2
NH3 : OD ø6 x ID ø3
NH4 : OD ø8 x ID ø4
num Type of Metal fitting Specify your required length in metric units.
num Hose length(L) Standard 0.5 : 0.5m
Standard 1.0 : 1.0m
For a length of more than 1.0 m, order unit is 0.1 m.
num Type of Metal fitting Specify your required length in metric units.
num Wire blade Unmarked : none
W : With wire blade (SUS) *

* With wire blade is NH2, NH3 only
* How to determine the hose length, Structure

Example of use

  • Pressure piping
  • Small flow rate pilot piping
  • Hydraulic clamp for work
  • Piping for miniature cylinder
  • Hydraulic piping for injection molding machine
  • Clamp cylinder and pressure gauge piping of hydraulic press
  • Pressure gauge piping of hydraulic unit

* Suitable for hydraulic circuits of small flow rate.


Type NH2 NH3 NH4
OD x ID ø5 x ø2 ø6 x ø3 ø8 x ø4
Minimum bending radius 40mm 50mm 60mm
Maximum pressure used 35MPa
Proof pressure 70MPa
Temperature range -20℃~-60℃
Ambient temperature max.60℃
Applicable fluid General petroleum based hydraulic oil, Phosphate hydraulic oil
Weight 20g/m 30g/m 40g/m

Caution of use

  • The NH hose base is of nylon resin. It must be connected without "fold" or "twist"
  • All hoses are subject to changes in hose outer diameter and length resulting from changes in internal pressure. If you use a hose clamp to fix the hose in position, some allowance must be given to compensate for reduction of the outer diameter. Determine the hose length by allowing about an additional 20mm to the required length.
  • The bending radius of the NH hose must be equal to or greater than the minimum value specified in the catalog.
  • Do not allow the NH hose to be directly exposed to fire.

Drawing data download

Product nameType No.Download
High pressure nylon hose, male metal fittingNH-R※PDF
High pressure nylon hose, pressure gauge metal fittingNH-G※PDF
High pressure nylon hose, hose union male metal fittingNH-UM※PDF
High pressure nylon hose, hose union female metal fittingNH-UF※PDF
High pressure nylon hose, metal fitting for flareless jointNH-K6PDF

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