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A substantial reduction of hydraulic unit costs!



  • The pressure gauge switching valve has been developed to measure circuit pressure at a maximum of one to six positions with one pressure gauge.
  • The number of pressure gauges to be used has been reduced to only one. This means a substantial cutdown of your pressure gauge costs and machining costs for pressure gauge panel installation hole.
  • This is a rotary switching valve. Just set the arrow mark of the hand wheel to the circuit number, and you can measure the pressure.
  • Except during measurement, set the hand wheel to ALL CLOSE position. Then the internal residual pressure of the pressure gauge is discharged into the drain port. The pointer of the pressure gauge indicates "0" (zero) at all times except when pressure is measured. This improves the accuracy and durability of the pressure gauge.


Type No. of measuring ports Connection screw diameter Applicable fluid
SV-318 3 ports Rc1/8 General petroleum based
hydraulic oil
SV-314 Rc1/4
SV-618 6 ports Rc1/8
SV-614 Rc1/4
F-SV-318 3 ports Rc1/8 Phosphate hydraulic oil
F-SV-314 Rc1/4
F-SV-618 6 ports Rc1/8
F-SV-614 Rc1/4

Example of use

  • Plastic injection molding machines, rubber injection molding machine
  • Hydraulic press (powders, ceramics, rubber presses)
  • Machining tool (large types, specific machines, NC sawing machines)
  • Hydraulic units (industrial uses, machining tools, ships, valve stands)


Maximum pressure used 21MPa
Proof pressure 38MPa
Installation method Panel installation type
Applicable fluid General petroleum based hydraulic oil
(For Phosphate hydraulic oil or Water and glycol based hydraulic oil,
please contact us.)
Amount of leak from drain port
< Measuring conditions > Hydraulic oil :  ISO VG32
Oil temperature :  45±5℃
7MPa :  20cm³/min or less
14MPa :  30cm³/min or less
21MPa :  40cm³/min or less
Permissible back pressure
from drain port
1.5MPa or less
Weight 1400g

Caution of use

  • Pipes must be connected to ports of the switching valve so that pressure is applied uniformly to all ports.
  • The seal of this valve is designed in a metal seal structure so that clearance between the outer diameter of the spool and inner diameter of the main unit is about 10 microns. If dust becomes attached, the hand wheel may be difficult to rotate or may not move at all. Take care not to allow hydraulic oil to be contaminated.
  • When flushing the pipe, take care not to allow contaminated flushing oil to enter the valve.
  • Perform knob switching at a regular interval.
  • Raise the drain pipe once to a position higher than the valve unit, then connect the pipe to the drain port. This step prevents hydraulic locking.
  • If an internal pressure is retained within the drain port, the valve handle may fall out. Make sure that the drain port is connected to the drain pipe.

Drawing data download

Product nameType No.Download
Glycerin pressure gauge switching valve 3portsSVPG-318,314PDF
Glycerin pressure gauge switching valve 3portsSVPG-618,614PDF
Pressure gauge switching valve 3portsSV-318,314PDF
Pressure gauge switching valve 6portsSV-618,614PDF

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