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This level switch has been developed to detect the liquid level in oil and water tanks!


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  • This is a small sized, low priced level switch consisting of a high precision reed switch designed in combination with float with a built-in magnet.
  • It ensures stable operation without being affected by tank internal pressure and fluid temperature.
  • t is installed from the top surface of the tank, using the flange for a level switch with a DIN connector.
  • The depth of the liquid surface to be detected ranges from 60 to 500mm.

* For details M12-4 pin connector type, please click here.


LSN - 200 L-A    - 11
num num num num num
num Product name Level switch
num Liquid level detected (L) * min. 60mm~max. 500mm (Specify the level in units of 1mm)
Setting accuracy: ±3mm
num Contact type
H-A  :  Upper limit alarm ON (Closed when faulty ...standard OFF)
H-B  :  Upper limit alarm OFF (Opened when faulty ON)
L-A  :  Lower limit alarm ON (Closed when faulty ...standard OFF)
L-B  :  Lower limit alarm OFF (Opened when faulty ON)
num Specifications Unmarked : For oil (standard specifications)
W : For water (optional)
num Model No. 11 : standard specification (DC24V)
51 : standard specification (AC100V)

* Specific gravity of fluid = 1.0


  DC 24V Specification AC 100V Specification
Standard specifications
(for oil)
(for water)
Standard specifications
(for oil)
(for water)
Contact rating 1.2 VA 2 VA
Contact resistance 1Ω or less
Maximum switching voltage DC 24V AC 100V / 110V
Maximum switching current 0.05A DC 0.02A DC
Minimum current road 5mA
Insulation resistance 50 MΩ or more by DC500 V
Voltage resistance AC 1000 V /1 minute
Temperature -10℃~+80℃
Specific weight 0.47±0.05 0.7±0.05 0.47±0.05 0.7±0.05
Weight 130g (without pipe)
Standard accessories
O Ring 1pcs(JIS B 2401 1A P-38)
Hexagon socket head bolt (M4 x 16) 2 pieces

Instruction for use

Use in a magnetic field would cause erratic function.

Drawing data download

Product nameType No.Download
Level switchLSNPDF
Level switch (Stainless steel type)LSN-31PDF
Level switch (M12-4 pin connector)LSPPDF

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