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ASK Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy.
1. Introduction
ASK Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the Company) regards adherence to the careful management of personal information as one of its important social responsibilities as a company. In accordance with its Personal Information Protection Policy the Company has adopted this Website Privacy Policy, which will assist the Company in operating and managing websites that our customers can use with a sense of assurance. This Privacy Policy will apply to customers' personal information that we obtain through any website operated and managed by the Company. In the event however of a specific provision concerning personal information that differs from a clause in this Privacy Policy, that specific provision will have priority over the Privacy Policy.
Customers who do not wish to provide personal information may choose not to. Customers hereby acknowledge however that in that event they may not be able to use services provided on the Company's website.
2. Handling of Personal Information
  • 2-1. Definition of "personal information"
  • In this Privacy Policy, "personal information" means information that can identify the customer or is personal to the customer (such as their name, address, telephone number email address, etc.) that the customer provides to us through a website operated or managed by the Company.
  • 2-2. Intended use of personal information
  • Customers will be asked to provide personal information only if it is needed to obtain services on this website, such as making any inquiries, subscribing for IR news e-mails, or applying (registering) through recruitment pages. Personal information will also be used as statistical data, to such extent as is needed to improve services. Personal information obtained from customers will be used for those intended uses expressly indicated, and no further. Without the customer's consent personal information will never be used for any purpose other than an intended use.
  • 2-3. Provision of personal information to others
  • Except in the following events, we will never disclose to a third party any personal information that we receive from a customer:
    (1) The customer agrees to the disclosure;
    (2) The handling of personal information is to be contracted, only so far as is necessary to achieve those intended uses expressly indicated to customers, to an outsourcing company or an affiliated or partner company of the Company who has signed our personal information non-disclosure agreement;
    (3) The personal information is to be processed as statistical data in such a way that the customer cannot be individually identified (for example, when sorting the people who applied for a prize into their respective age groups); or
    (4) Such disclosure is sanctioned by law.
  • 2-4. Careful management of personal information
  • Customers' personal information that we receive will be managed with strict care. Measures will be taken to prevent the loss, damage, unauthorized alteration or disclosure of personal information.
    As a precaution against unauthorized access by third parties, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption or equivalent security technology will be used to receive personal information, in an effort to ensure the security of the information.
  • 2-5. Requests for reviewing, correcting or deleting personal information
  • A clearly marked "inquiry window" will appear when customers are asked to provide personal information. Customers who wish to review, correct or delete personal information that they have provided are to submit their request using this inquiry window. After it has been confirmed that a request was made by you, within a reasonable period of time your personal information will be disclosed, corrected or deleted accordingly.
  • 2-6. Protection of information of customers under 16 years of age
  • The greatest care will be given to the protection of personal information of customers under sixteen years of age.
    We ask that the personal information of customers under sixteen years of age always be provided with the consent of the relevant individual's guardian.
3. Cookies
In order to provide you with greater convenience when you visit the Company's website again, cookies, which are small data structures used to identify your computer, may be stored on your computer's hard drive. Please be advised that cookies do not contain any identifiable personal information.
You can set your internet browser to refuse to receive cookies. However, refusing cookies may cause some of the services provided on the website to not function properly.
4. Protection of personal information on linked sites
The Company cannot be responsible for the handling of personal information on websites of other businesses or personal websites that are linked to the Company's website.
5. Compliance with relevant laws, regulations and other standards
The Company will comply with laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information, as well as to any other relevant standards, etc.
6. Amendments to Privacy Policy
The Company may amend this Privacy Policy in the wake of any changes to laws or regulations.
July 1, 2008
ASK Co., Ltd.